Explore, Understand, and Operate your Microservices

Cortex is the source of truth for your service architecture

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Improve your Incident Response

Automatically send a Slack message with important service metadata to quickly triage and resolve outages. Cortex reduces the need for tribal knowledge in your teams.

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No More Painful Documentation Searches

Documentation and knowledge are scattered across people and tools.

Assign Ownership

Quickly understand ownership of services. Cortex integrates with identity providers like Okta to sync teams with the services they own.

Organize your documentation

Search through the dashboard to find relevant docs, runbooks, and links.

Integrates with your favorite tools

Add graphs from New Relic, view oncall rotations from PagerDuty + Opsgenie, or even display recent Github commits for any service.

Audit Your Service Health

Generate an Audit Report to view the overall health of services in your company. Filter by custom tags including tier or team.

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Prevent Your Next Outage

It's easy to lose track of which teams use your service. Cortex helps prevent outages by blocking PRs on Github that include breaking API changes, or automatically notifying all of the service's consumers (via Slack + email).

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